Skin Care Products: August 2014 – current

How the summer was amazing and gorgeous, it had to come to an end. Though I love summer (I would choose hot weather over the cold at any time), summer gave me dark spots (randomly) on my face. Tsk… =(   Alright, I wouldn’t blame summer exactly, maybe because I was careless about my skin. I didn’t really use any serum at night, didn’t apply sunscreen on my face during the day, and so on –

When I woke up one day in the beginning of August 2014, I was surprised to find freckles/dark spots. Honestly, I think freckles are super cute but on me, it looked more like I had random spots on my face; let’s just say that it is not Lucy Liu cute. On the right side of my face, it’s located near my high cheek bone while on my left side of my face… it’s actually right by my nose. *Note: they are kind of dispersed out too.

After shopping around, these are the products that I am using.

La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Serum

Pigmentclar Serum 2 Pigmentclar Serum

I apply this serum at night after cleansing my face. I use about 1.5-2 pumps and would apply it by using the small circle gesture around my face while ending it with some light dabs.

Result: N/A. I guess there are some changes in terms of brightness and smoothness, but the dark spots seem to be lingering around at full color. I know the serum is not supposed to ‘eliminate all dark spots’ but it is supposed to help reduce the appearance of it, yet, I have not seen a difference. But then again, everyone’s skin is different. I will give it another month to see if I can notice any changes.

Biotherm Aquasource Gel

AquasourceAquasource 2

This product is lovely. It applies like H2O, it’s not sticky, has a light perfume scent to it, and most importantly; it gives your face a deep hydration kick. Just use the Aquasource Gel like you would with any other moisturizer.

Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Cleansing Oil

Skin Purifier 3

Skin Purifier

Skin Purifier 2

This is one of the best cleansers I had ever used . This product is gold. If you are thinking “wouldn’t that cause crazy breakouts? Gross, that would add extra oil to my face. Isn’t that going to clog up all my pores?” the answer is “No”. I had the same thoughts too but when I tried the cleansing oil on my hand, it was like “wow, this cleansing oil can make my hand this soft without any trace of grease”. Depending on what type of oil you choose, it contains specific properties. Of course I am not telling you to go ahead and lather your heart out in “nameofproduct” oil, but do investigate the different types of beneficial oils there are in the market today. For the Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi oil, you would massage it all over your DRY face first, then rinse. As water contacts the oil, it turns into a milky like color/texture.

– msyx


Classic Eye Makeup

Hi =)

So I’ve decided to do a simple eye makeup look.
I want to create different looks with different colors while using the same strategy that I used to create this.

Hope you guys enjoy !

P.S I am thinking purple for the next one.

Uh – Oh

So I was browsing through other blog members and I seem to have encountered a pattern. It seems that majority of nail lovers here on wordpress have chipped their nails!

Unfortunately, two of my lovely nails have chipped and therefore; I too had to trim my nails down to a brutal length. (What am I talking about? I have no length). =(

Sucks for me too because I have ordered a couple of nail polishes that are incoming through mail. Maybe my nails will be nice and it will grow back a lil?

~ g

Bonjour ~

Oh my! I haven’t realized how long I have been gone for. So much has happened in the course of 2 months!

First off, someone stole my camera!! I know right? So since then, I’ll admit it; I’ve lost motivation because I can’t even take proper pictures.

Secondly, W² workshop was robbed! Broken into! So I had to deal with the insurance company for all the paperwork that had to be done, getting documents notarized.

BUT. I miss blogging. So with or without my camera, I will just have to use my cellphone for picture taking.

~ g

Christmas Trees and a Wreath

Countdown: 3 more days!
Theme: Christmas Trees and a Wreath

Here it is. I was contemplating between Christmas trees or wreaths… so then I compromised. I did Christmas trees and one wreath on my index finger.

–         Sally Hansen, Cherry Red, The Real Teal, Disco Ball & HD #5
–         O.P.I, Top Coat, Up Front & Personal
–         Sinful Colors, Last Chance
–         Joe Fresh, Raisin

Happy Holidays =)

Stuffing and Mistletoe’s

Countdown: 4 more days!
Theme: Stuffing and Mistletoe’s

So today, I will place yesterday’s and today’s design on this post as one. I was too tired (again) to post but I am making up for that right now. The first theme “Stuffing” is a little plain but I think it’s cute. The little designs of stockings and Santa hats were done by my little dotter tool. The second design “Mistletoe” was actually by this mistletoe prank that I watched on YouTube today. I thought that the white French tips would be a nice little contrast with the green and red.

Colors (Stuffing)
–          Sally Hansen, Cherry Red, White On & Disco Ball
–          Nailtiques, formula 2 (didn’t post picture but its in my many other posts)

Colors (Mistletoe)
–          O.P.I, Top Coat & Up Front and Personal
–          Sinful Colors, Last Chance
–          Sally Hansen, Cherry Red

Happy Holidays =)