Candied Apples Inspired

Hi ~~

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner! So in spirit of things, here is a little nail design that I did inspired by candied apples. Please don’t mind the dry chapped hands that I have: I took the photos quickly and forgot to moisturize =(.

Products Used:
Sally Hansen: Cherry Red, Black Out
Red Glitter Flakes
Sally Hansen: Strengthening Top Coat

Ps. The Sally Hansen top coat that I used … it’s a so-so product to me.

~ g


Ultra Mini Sally Hansen Haul

Hehe, so the Sally Hansen nail polishes that I have ordered finally arrived!

The colors: super cute.

I didn’t have any shade of lilac purple so I ordered one. I thought black and taupe would be great for fall. And of course, the blue and pink was a ‘just because’.

* I’ve titled all pictures (I mean all), so if you ever wonder about a name of a polish, dish, brand, etc; just click on the picture =)

** Sadly, my nails are still short… I’d say a couple more days? My nails should be appropriate by then. Fingers crossed.

~ g