Candied Apples Inspired

Hi ~~

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner! So in spirit of things, here is a little nail design that I did inspired by candied apples. Please don’t mind the dry chapped hands that I have: I took the photos quickly and forgot to moisturize =(.

Products Used:
Sally Hansen: Cherry Red, Black Out
Red Glitter Flakes
Sally Hansen: Strengthening Top Coat

Ps. The Sally Hansen top coat that I used … it’s a so-so product to me.

~ g


Ultra Mini Sally Hansen Haul

Hehe, so the Sally Hansen nail polishes that I have ordered finally arrived!

The colors: super cute.

I didn’t have any shade of lilac purple so I ordered one. I thought black and taupe would be great for fall. And of course, the blue and pink was a ‘just because’.

* I’ve titled all pictures (I mean all), so if you ever wonder about a name of a polish, dish, brand, etc; just click on the picture =)

** Sadly, my nails are still short… I’d say a couple more days? My nails should be appropriate by then. Fingers crossed.

~ g

Uh – Oh

So I was browsing through other blog members and I seem to have encountered a pattern. It seems that majority of nail lovers here on wordpress have chipped their nails!

Unfortunately, two of my lovely nails have chipped and therefore; I too had to trim my nails down to a brutal length. (What am I talking about? I have no length). =(

Sucks for me too because I have ordered a couple of nail polishes that are incoming through mail. Maybe my nails will be nice and it will grow back a lil?

~ g

Christmas Trees and a Wreath

Countdown: 3 more days!
Theme: Christmas Trees and a Wreath

Here it is. I was contemplating between Christmas trees or wreaths… so then I compromised. I did Christmas trees and one wreath on my index finger.

–         Sally Hansen, Cherry Red, The Real Teal, Disco Ball & HD #5
–         O.P.I, Top Coat, Up Front & Personal
–         Sinful Colors, Last Chance
–         Joe Fresh, Raisin

Happy Holidays =)

Stuffing and Mistletoe’s

Countdown: 4 more days!
Theme: Stuffing and Mistletoe’s

So today, I will place yesterday’s and today’s design on this post as one. I was too tired (again) to post but I am making up for that right now. The first theme “Stuffing” is a little plain but I think it’s cute. The little designs of stockings and Santa hats were done by my little dotter tool. The second design “Mistletoe” was actually by this mistletoe prank that I watched on YouTube today. I thought that the white French tips would be a nice little contrast with the green and red.

Colors (Stuffing)
–          Sally Hansen, Cherry Red, White On & Disco Ball
–          Nailtiques, formula 2 (didn’t post picture but its in my many other posts)

Colors (Mistletoe)
–          O.P.I, Top Coat & Up Front and Personal
–          Sinful Colors, Last Chance
–          Sally Hansen, Cherry Red

Happy Holidays =)

Cookies n Milk

Countdown: 6 more days!
Theme: Cookies n Milk

Of course, how naughty we’d be if we didn’t leave cookies and milk out for “you-know-who”. Cookies and Milk was a fun design that I did and believe it or not, I’ve mixed up the color for the cookies. I am a little too lazy to name out the amount of colors that I have used but basically, I’ve created the brown color with orange, yellow, red, green, white, and this peachy color.

– too many to list out but base coat is: Revlon, Sheer Cotton 010
– Nailtiques, Formula 2

Happy Holidays =)


Countdown: 7 more days!
Theme: Snowman

Yes, my version of snowman =)

Unfortunately, the base color that I picked was a little too dark (the black top hat and arms does not really show). Lesson learned though, haha. It’s been a while since I’ve use that blue but I don’t know (I like it) =).

– O.P.I, Brights Power & Top Coat
– Revlon, Royal
– Sally Hansen, White On
– China Glaze, Liquid Leather

Happy Holidays =)