Prom Night

Hey =)

I had a post last year on November 28th, 2011 stating that I will be doing my cousin’s (and her friend’s) make-up and hair.

On the day of June 16th:

–       Met at her place at 8:40 am

–       Their make-up was complete at around 12:30 pm

–       Their hair was complete at around 1:45 pm

It was very exhausting but fun.

None the less, these are the results.

Sorry, I forgot my camera that morning; the quality is off.

Nevertheless, please still




Jade Tulip

My grandma gave me a pair of jade tulip-shaped earrings. I have many things jade, but not a pair of jade earrings! I was excited about my new jade earrings so I decided to share them with you.

Cheers =)

Ciara’s “Promise” Video Inspired Photoshoot

 Hello all,

I was just going through some of the photo-shoot’s that I did earlier this year with my friend Nomin. I thought that I would share them with you.

This photo-shoot was inspired by Ciara’s “Promise” Video and it was rather fun to recreate.

Cheers =)

PS: The photo-shoot that I mentioned a couple of days ago, Dennis Lee is still working on the final touches. This is not the photo-shoot but this was taken by him as well.

Model: Nomin Bayasgalan

Photographer: Dennis Lee

MUA and Stylist: yours truly 😉

My mom decided to take me Christmas shopping the other day (just for me) because I desperately need a new pair of waterproof boots. I have always wanted a pair of Hunter’s rain boots but after trying it on, it was not flattering on me. We then headed to Geox (one of my favorite shoe stores) and there I found these lovely boots. I love colors so naturally; I zoomed in on a pair of olive-green boots that was lounging on the round table. I tried it on and taa-daa, it was awesome. It fits me so well, the boots are casual but I can also dress it up as well. Yummy boots indeed!

Cheers =)

Cousin’s Grad Photos

            My cousin is in grade 12 and today is the day when she takes her graduation photos. It is not graduation day or prom night, but the high schools here usually takes the graduation photos in the beginning of the grade 12th year. The photo sessions includes the pictures with the graduation cap, friends and self-portraits. I remember the day when I went for mine and let’s just say I was not prepared at all ha-ha!

       My cousin wanted a more natural look with natural waves for the photos. For her prom, her make-up and hair will be much more extravagant and dramatic. Yes, I am posting this because I did her hair and make-up this afternoon! Yes, I will also be doing her hair and make-up on her prom night!

Cheers =)