Recommended by: Hank, owner of  Pure Hair Salon

This shampoo and conditioner is serious. I used to use Aveda Color Conserve™ Shampoo and conditioner, which was not bad, and then shortly after, I was introduced to Pureology. This shampoo and conditioner set not only smells good but it locks in my hair color for months. Mind you, I have not been in for a color touch up for almost 3 months now yet my color still stands. The one that I am using right now is the Pureology Anti-Fade Complex shampoo and conditioner.

Squeeze an amount that is about the size of your thumb into your palms. Separate the dollop into halves. For one-half, run it through the ends of your hair. For the other half, massage it in your hands until it foams up then massage it into your scalp with your fingers doing a circular motion. Then slowly work the shampoo down your hair right down to the ends and rinse.

Squeeze the same amount as the shampoo into your palms. Take about one-third of the dollop and place it on your head. Take the remaining dollop and work it into your ends inching up towards your scalp. Use your fingers to massage the scalp in circular motions to hydrate and moisturize. Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

Cheers =)


Natural Wings

As I am in school now, I like to keep my make-up simple and natural. I decided to intensify my eyes a little the other day, so I created wings to my eyes. The wings that I have created are soft, thin, and natural.

Cheers =)

Products used:

–       Make Up Forever Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow in Aqua Black
–       Urban Decay NAKED Palette
–       Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara in Rich Black

Ciara’s “Promise” Video Inspired Photoshoot

 Hello all,

I was just going through some of the photo-shoot’s that I did earlier this year with my friend Nomin. I thought that I would share them with you.

This photo-shoot was inspired by Ciara’s “Promise” Video and it was rather fun to recreate.

Cheers =)

PS: The photo-shoot that I mentioned a couple of days ago, Dennis Lee is still working on the final touches. This is not the photo-shoot but this was taken by him as well.

Model: Nomin Bayasgalan

Photographer: Dennis Lee

MUA and Stylist: yours truly 😉

Cousin’s Grad Photos

            My cousin is in grade 12 and today is the day when she takes her graduation photos. It is not graduation day or prom night, but the high schools here usually takes the graduation photos in the beginning of the grade 12th year. The photo sessions includes the pictures with the graduation cap, friends and self-portraits. I remember the day when I went for mine and let’s just say I was not prepared at all ha-ha!

       My cousin wanted a more natural look with natural waves for the photos. For her prom, her make-up and hair will be much more extravagant and dramatic. Yes, I am posting this because I did her hair and make-up this afternoon! Yes, I will also be doing her hair and make-up on her prom night!

Cheers =)

A simple fade … with glitter

     I was checking out the package that I finally received the other day from BH Cosmetics. I ordered two gel eyeliners: mint and dark purple. I did the swatches for them on my hand and I was inspired. I will not do my make up just yet, not until my skin fully heals so I have decided to do the colors on my nails. After I was finished with the fade, I thought, why not add some glitter to it. I created glittery tips for my nails but to switch it up (I love switching up my nails), I centered a glitter line on my middle fingers.

=) Cheers

Ps. I created this post about a week ago however IE9 wouldn’t let me upload the images. Today I took the initiative to look into this problem and *BINGO*. I had to download Mozilla Firefox and yes; I can upload again! This being said, I am ready to change my nails once again!  =)