Stuffing and Mistletoe’s

Countdown: 4 more days!
Theme: Stuffing and Mistletoe’s

So today, I will place yesterday’s and today’s design on this post as one. I was too tired (again) to post but I am making up for that right now. The first theme “Stuffing” is a little plain but I think it’s cute. The little designs of stockings and Santa hats were done by my little dotter tool. The second design “Mistletoe” was actually by this mistletoe prank that I watched on YouTube today. I thought that the white French tips would be a nice little contrast with the green and red.

Colors (Stuffing)
–          Sally Hansen, Cherry Red, White On & Disco Ball
–          Nailtiques, formula 2 (didn’t post picture but its in my many other posts)

Colors (Mistletoe)
–          O.P.I, Top Coat & Up Front and Personal
–          Sinful Colors, Last Chance
–          Sally Hansen, Cherry Red

Happy Holidays =)


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