Natural Wings

As I am in school now, I like to keep my make-up simple and natural. I decided to intensify my eyes a little the other day, so I created wings to my eyes. The wings that I have created are soft, thin, and natural.

Cheers =)

Products used:

–       Make Up Forever Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow in Aqua Black
–       Urban Decay NAKED Palette
–       Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara in Rich Black


2 thoughts on “Natural Wings

  1. Gennn~!

    I’m still alive! hahaha… Just only slightly battered from the bruises I got from curling and skiing, but I will try to come home in one piece! I think I got a minor frostbite a while back too, but I’m good now. I was reading your posts and the one about the apple pie, when I get back, we must go there!!! =) Lots of stories to tell you about the cultural difference and my experiences!

    I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    • hahaha alright,
      !! I can’t wait till you’re back then =P because I would love to order the apple pie
      However, the location of that place is a little annoying to park and such but transit is alright.
      Frostbite? thats not good at all. Glad you’re ok now.

      keep in touch!! let me know when you’re ready for the apple pie =)

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