Oh dear, I was looking at my last post and I have realized that I have not posted anything for a long while. I guess I was going through quite a bit of events. Let’s see: I was preparing for Christmas and the dinner as well, you know how it is with the planning, shopping etc. At one point, I was baking sugar cookies like there’s no tomorrow. I was baking batches after batches for 3 days straight. I must admit that my cookies were pretty darn good! I had to set up the tree and decorate it. Yes, it would have been easy if the ornaments had the hanging wire attached to each of the balls. However, it did not have that so I had to string each one of the balls myself with a roll of sewing thread! This was all in the month of December and oh yes, I had to figure out my courses and such for school.

  YES, I am back in school once again. I mean, after being out and working for 2 ½ years, it was kind of scary thinking about school. I was worried. I did not know if I have any study habits left. I did not know if I was going to be ok. I am now in my second week and it is tiring. I do know that I will be slacking off during the course of school; it is inevitable for majority of people, including myself. I just have to push myself out of the curve-of-slackness and get on to reading and studying. As for now, I would say I am off to a good start and I am quite proud of myself =)

I hope that I can start creating more nail designs and whatnot soon. I did have to trim all my nails because three broke on me and I thought “Oh why not” I mean I might as well because Chinese New Year’s is coming up and I want everything to be a new start.

I wonder if anybody was waiting for any new posts. =) hopefully some bloggers were!I need one inspiration and I will probably start posting more posts about thoughts =)

Fashion does not necessarily mean outfits with accessories. Fashion can be anything. Fashion represents our own character and uniqueness. It could represent our taste in food, movie, people etc. This is what I perceive fashion to be. Fashion is our individual taste and personality.

Ps. Of course, outfitting with accessories = awesome.

I am sorry; does that statement even make sense? I am apologizing in advance for future readers who will be confused from this.


2 thoughts on “M.I.A

  1. Gennnnn!!! Good to see that you’re still alive (and so am I)!! Add oil in school! I realize I start to enjoy school more just because you can learn something new everyday. At work, that doesn’t always happen. =P

    How come I never got one of your sugar cookies batches?? hahaha…

    • Haha, Hi Serena,
      Well, you see why I was baking the cookies straight: It runs out in a blink of an eye.
      But school is good and of course work is always different from that.
      Haha, I never thought I’d say this but I don’t mind going back to school and not work. =)

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