My mom decided to take me Christmas shopping the other day (just for me) because I desperately need a new pair of waterproof boots. I have always wanted a pair of Hunter’s rain boots but after trying it on, it was not flattering on me. We then headed to Geox (one of my favorite shoe stores) and there I found these lovely boots. I love colors so naturally; I zoomed in on a pair of olive-green boots that was lounging on the round table. I tried it on and taa-daa, it was awesome. It fits me so well, the boots are casual but I can also dress it up as well. Yummy boots indeed!

Cheers =)


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    • Haha, thanks!

      Yeah, the Hunter’s are pricey. BUT the Geox, they are I think roughly around the same price but it is fleece lined. It is made of I think both leather and rubber so its water proof! PLUS I know I will be getting my money’s worth 😉

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