Retro Fruits

Last night, I have finally prettied up my nails again. I wanted to use a nail color that I have not used for a while so I chose the grey shade from Rimmel. This design is another fruit design of mine but if I were to compare this design to the first one that I have tried, let’s just say that the first one was way “fruiter”. I also purchased this nail art set called “Art Club” and I have not used it yet. I chose three shades from that set (set of pastel colors) that would go well with the grey. I am thinking that I want to buy another set but the colors would be bright/hot colors. It would be nice to highlight sometimes with bold colors. This art set comes in seven colors and one clear coat. They all have a precision striping brush.

The result: I thought that this design looks retro. It looks as if my nails are neon signs.

Hope you guys like this design that I did.

Cheers =)


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