Cousin’s Grad Photos

            My cousin is in grade 12 and today is the day when she takes her graduation photos. It is not graduation day or prom night, but the high schools here usually takes the graduation photos in the beginning of the grade 12th year. The photo sessions includes the pictures with the graduation cap, friends and self-portraits. I remember the day when I went for mine and let’s just say I was not prepared at all ha-ha!

       My cousin wanted a more natural look with natural waves for the photos. For her prom, her make-up and hair will be much more extravagant and dramatic. Yes, I am posting this because I did her hair and make-up this afternoon! Yes, I will also be doing her hair and make-up on her prom night!

Cheers =)


2 thoughts on “Cousin’s Grad Photos

  1. Just so you know that I do read your blog, I’m commenting! haha…

    She looks good 🙂 Just glancing through your older posts… you’re creative with your designs!! Since you’re studying business, if you have a chance, take a look at marketing… you can definitely use your creativity there!

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