A little bit frustrated

I love doing my own make-up. I love creating different looks with different
colors. Every day before I head out of my house, I would always have
my make-up done. Okay, maybe I have exaggerated there. I should not
say every day but majority of the time. I love doing monochromatic looks and complementary looks.

So what is stopping me? Why have I not posted any pictures
of my simple make-up?

Well, traumatizing as it was this allergic rash developed on both my
cheeks and long story short, it was infected. I am 99% healed already
(my doctor told me to look at it as a free acid face peel) but I have to let
my skin relax for a while before I am able to play with make-up. It is
frustrating for me because I am just aching to pick up my make-up
brushes and to blend away. I know I cannot go ahead with my make-up
but soon I will be…  (hopefully).

Ps. Just in case you lovelies are wondering why I labelled my blog a
make-up and fashion blog when all that I am posting are about
nails so far.


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